Lontek's Computer Mods

Computer Name-

Built fall of 2001 over about 2-3 month period. Plexi-sheets were used to build the case. P3 Coppermine 750MHZ Currently overclocked to 933MHZ cooled by a Golden Orb CPU cooler. 6 fans total for cooling, 2 painted red, one painted green. Blu Orb cooler for the video card, 32 Meg (NVidia Riva TNT), 256 Rambus memory. Lighting includes four colored spotlights,one blue rope light and a Lazer Led setup in the Cd-Rom drive which has been modified with a window to show the Cd turning. Case fans are painted to match the colored spotlights that shine on them. Wireless/optical mouse,
Soundblaster Live soundcard.

An in the dark shot, CD player really glowing
with the Lazer Leds.

Talk about UGLY! Lets see what we can do about that.

There now isn't that better. Now we
can call it MM1, for Mountain Machine 1.
The picture on the side of the PC is an actual
8X10 taken of Cloud Peak in the Cloud
Peak Wilderness Area, Wyoming USA.

My niece wanted to spruce up her nice, but very boring PC.
She wanted to have a dolphin theme with metallic blue paint.
The pictures don't fully do this project justice in my opinion.

The "Suitcase" PC.

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