Lontek's Computer Mods

A new project -- "Kaleidoscope Waterfall"

Some project plans and features: Watercooled, with a built in pond, featuring water trickling over rocks.

Hard drive window

DVDRW custom paint job

Homemade acrylic case from acrylic sheets

Custom lighting

System Specifications:

*AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Mobile CPU (2100MHZ stock)  overclocked to 2.4 GHZ. 
*Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.
*512 MB PC 2700 DDR Memory.
*8 Gig Modded (window)HD with 6Gig Secondary HD. ( I know.... wimpy storage, 
  but other machines on my home LAN can help out if things get tight. 
  Hey I'm on a budget.)
*Watercooled, with Swift tech copper block CPU waterblock, custom modded
  with exterior fittings and home fabricated waterblock clamping mechanism.
  90-95 Per cent distilled water, 5-10 Per cent Hy-per lube super coolant.
*Soundblaster Live! Surround sound.
*Biostar M7NCG - 400 mainboard  
*Super Flower 450 Watt PSU with LEDS and 4 fans.
*FanBUs with power switches
*DVD RW Drive with custom paint/picture job.
  Temps so far are ranging in the 33-40C CPU core and 29-33 internal case temp.
*Green cold cathode fan.

Making progress at a month and a half, but a long way to go.

DVDRW drive cover

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